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Thursday, August 16, 2012

ABSPD takes on Printsource

Had a fabulous day with a lovely group of ladies from "The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design" e-course!!  We met in New York City and attended Printsource's summer show. Printsource New York holds three shows a year, and is the premier show for surface and textile designs in the USA.  I had a wonderful time walking around the show (my first surface design show!), talking to a few companies, and basically getting a feeling for the industry and what's in store for me going forward. We had a bite to eat midday, and discussed our career history, current projects, showed pics of the kiddos, our work, and traded business cards and info. It was so refreshing to meet everyone in person! I started this e-course in April, and I've had the pleasure to network and meet some extremely talented people, share tips (thanks Schatzi!!), and get instant feedback on new work and designs via Flickr, Facebook, and email. Thank you to Rachael and Beth for starting this outstanding e-course!

Please check out what each of these designers are up to:
Rachel Gresham | www.rachelgreshamdesign.com
Helen Billett | www.meringueinc.ca
Deborah Velasquez | www.deborahvelasquez.blogspot.com
Emine Ortega | www.emineortega.blogspot.com
Femi Ford | www.femiford.com
Tanya Brown | www.schatzibrown.com
Mary Tanana | www.groovity.blogspot.com (me!)

Thank you all, LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!!

...and just an FYI to any of you newbies finding my blog, The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, Module 1: Designing your way, is beginning August 27 2012!!! Here's the link for more info!!  http://dowhatyouloveforlife.com/course/the-art-and-business-of-surface-pattern-design-module-1-designing-your-way/


  1. Lucky you-looks and sounds like it was alot of fun. Will call you next time I am in NYC to meet up:) julie

  2. Julie, that would be GREATT!! I'm so glad I live closer to NYC!

  3. That's was fun. Always ready for a road trip! Drop me line!