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Friday, July 20, 2012

My staff

ahhhh...I THOUGHT I had posted this a month ago, but I found it in my "draft" box. Yay me. Always learning!

I'd like to take a moment and introduce you to my staff. Their hard work and dedication has gotten me to where I am today ;)

All hail Nero. AKA "Buddy". Alpha cat male. And the hardest cat on the planet to photograph because of his black, shiny, mink-like fur!

This is Java, my special Bengal kitty. He's part Asian leopard cat, and he's a bit of a nut. But I love him bunches!
The lovely Luna. My constant companion, I am never out of her sight. She's got the prettiest coloring too, peachy belly!
View from my chair at my desk. Never a dull moment. This is Java and Luna supervising me.

And I can't forget to mention Henry the Hall Cat. My new friend. Our relationship is based solely on his need for me to bring him his catnip fix from the garden.
This is Henry (see what happens to his tail when I bring him catnip?) and his bro Mac. Two lovely gingers from next door.
Like I said before, never a dull moment here. They are all such a constant source of enjoyment and really make my day a brighter one :)

Oh, and if you want to Pinterest any of my artwork or photography from here, please attach a link to this blog and give me credit. If you don't, I will find you and hurt you ;)

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