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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Señor Skully-contest for Beta Fashion

Just entered a fun contest at Beta Fashion, "Looking forward to Autumn/Winter the topic of this project therefore is skulls. We're looking for scarf designs that embrace this topic and represent it in a beautiful and contemporary way."  Yep, skulls. Gah.

Well, I've always been fascinated with those decorative skulls that you see relating to the holiday "Dias de los Muertos", and I think that the style of my drawing and work fits it exactly!  Dia de los Muertos is a traditional Meso-American holiday dedicated to the ancestors; it honors both death and the cycle of life. In Mexico, neighbors gather in local cemeteries to share food, music, and fun with their extended community, both living and departed. The celebration acknowledges that we still have a relationship with our ancestors and loved ones that have passed away.

Okay, shameless self-promotion time! Vote for my "Señor Skully"!!! Here's the link!

full size scarf

Beta Fashion is an online scarf shop with a difference – they collaborate with designers from around the world to create unique, creative pieces. It’s an open platform where designers are given themed projects and the public chooses, by way of votes, which designs should make it to the shops.

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  1. Wow!! The detail and color are amazing!!

    1. Thanks WAM! I just couldn't do this project in grays and dull colors! You know me!