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Monday, June 4, 2012

Deconstructing Patterns

One of the earlier lessons from "The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design" e-course was all about deconstructing a pattern, from a favorite dress, a blanket, whatever!  It was meant to help us all understand that patterns are just a mixture of different motifs, elements, and textures, and are really quite simple when "unpieced".

This was really fun for me. I kind of went off on a tangent and created some neato sketches based on this wonderful batik piece. I actually was surprised at what I came up with.  I usually draw very, very rigid, and this course has really freed me from this bondage, so to speak. (laughs). I could have drawn a few more pages with the inspiration that I got from this one.

Batik design ( and clothing too!) on left is from Batikwalla, available on Etsy. Right are my sketches.

shirt on the left is from Athleta. Right are my sketches.

This one was fun as well! I called it "Graphic Tattoo".  It also reminds me a lot of henna designs, which I just LOVE to doodle.

I could have done more for this lesson, but the course moved on to more exciting stuff, and I was whisked off to another pattern journey.

Module 2 (I completed Module 1 a few weeks ago) starts on June 18th. CAN NOT WAIT.

Oh, and if you want to Pinterest any of my artwork or photography, please attach a link to this blog and give me credit. If you don't, I will find you and hurt you ;)

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