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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Up on the Roof.....

I moved to the lovely city of Providence, RI last year, and I am really enjoying the city lifestyle once again. I love the fact that I can walk to dinner, to the train, and also to the mall (a big "yay" for Nordstrom's). I am an avid gardener, and I was a bit lost after the move, due to the fact that I had to give away and sell my vast orchid collection. *sniff, sniff*  But I was pleasantly surprised when I found that 1. I have enough light in my northern exposure windows to grow a few orchids. 2. They have a garden club in my building, with a space on top of the parking garage for some raised bed garden plots. Yay!
This is just 5 WEEKS or so along, planted May 1. Still can't believe the growth!
That's my building. It's an old foundry converted to really cool loft style spaces. I love it!
Someone's allium. Not sure what it is? This one might be garlic.
Cornflower (Bachelor Button) and daisy from another plot.

My dahlias. So gorgeous! I didn't enhance the colors either!
How can you not love daisies?
I already have a few tomatoes that are over 2 inches in diameter. Psyched! I've planted lots of herbs for cooking, a clematis, which will bloom in a week or so, and of course, catnip for the kitties.

I love taking photos of many things, but flowers and plants always seem to fascinate me the most. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me, it doesn't matter what season it is, and I'll always be her most passionate student.

I'm also constantly amazed at the quality of the photos that my little iPhone4 takes. The flower pics were all taken using Hipstamatic app.

Oh, and if you want to Pinterest any of my artwork or photography from here, please attach a link to this blog and give me credit. If you don't, I will find you and hurt you ;)


  1. Wow! The colors of the plants are indeed gorgeous! Green roofs could be traced way back in 500BC to its ancient origin in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Anyway, green roofs are good in decreasing the urban heat island effect. Also, it helps in the absorption of rainwater.

    Penelope Dingee

    1. I love having a garden there, it gives me a break mid-day from working! I'll usually go up there to poke around and sketch and generally lounge :))

  2. Those are very beautiful flowers, Mary. :) Green roofing actually reduces the temperature variations with no UV radiation. Meaning to say, waterproofing won’t deteriorate over time as it would in a typical roof. By the way, I love your dahlias the most!

    Tisa See

  3. Thanks Tisa! Alas, the growing season is over! At least I have several orchid plants indoors that are getting ready to bloom :)

  4. The vastness of your building’s rooftop did you and the garden club good! I can see you have a wonderful plant collection. Do you keep them in the same bed, or are they separated? By the way, what are the rules being implemented by your building administration regarding the use of the rooftop for such activity?

    Sierra Nordgren

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